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Location:   1975 Potrero Grande, Monetrey Park  C.A. 91755     (626) 571-6461

Vasquez flowers began its unique establishment as a Cymbidium orchid nursery when the area was filled with the atmosphere of the countrysides rolling hills, citrus trees, and flowing streams.  When in season, it was thee site to see the thousands of orchids in full bloom and color cotton white, bright orange, glowing lavender, soft pink, and velvety purple.  The hybrids and cymbidiums were Mr. Vasquezs forte and specialty.  He was familiar and knowledgeable with the different types of beautiful orchids.

By the 1960s the area had began to develop rapidly. His daughter, a highly skilled and talented business woman pioneered her fathers specialty through a shop he built in front of his three acre nursery.  The business has grown with the help of her children and a full operating staff. 

It has successfully flourished in business and in value to bring quality and variety to its customers.  Vasquez flowers proudly extends its variety of gift items, gift baskets, customized wedding arrangements, beautiful floral arrangements, party favors, beautiful antique selections, delicious confections, aromatherapy candles, soaps, potpourri, and the latest styles in jewelry, clothing, and handbags. Also any purchase made in our store, come with custom gift wrapping at no charge using the finest papers and French ribbons.

We at Vasquez Flowers welcomes you to visit our outside patio to listen to the water falling from our fountain and to feel the impressive charm that we offer.        

Our Guarantee :: 

All Direct from the Vasquez Gifts are floral arrangements unconditionally* guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful every time you order. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product quality upon arrival, we will replace it free of charge.

To ensure that your order arrive in a timely fashion, please check that all information entered on the order form is complete and accurate. We MUST have a local phone number where the recipient can be reached during the day if further delivery instructions are required. All orders have a signature release that enables the courier to release the shipment at the requested location without a signature (if deemed to be a safe location). This does not apply to apartments, hospitals, schools and companies, where a signature may be requested.

Floral Orders :: 

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